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Lanark Loop (107km)

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Location: Carleton Place, Lanark County

Estimated Gravel Time: 60%

Full Route Map:

Distance: 106.7km (66.3 miles)

Suggested Tire Width: 35mm or wider

Parking: Carleton Place Arena, Carleton Place

Route Description:

This metric century initially stays on a series of gravel farm roads, before reaching the village of Lanark. From here, the elevation profile increases as the route transitions to the southern edge of the Lanark Highlands, before heading south along a couple of nice sections of unmaintained. The route then heads north-east, along a mix of paved and gravel roads, all the way back to Carleton Place.

Riding counter-clockwise from Carleton Place, riders are almost immediately greeted with a fantastic section of quality gravel (Quarry Rd), before the route joins the southern edge of the Almonte Roubaix, including sections of Old Perth Rd, Concession Rd 1, Miller Rd, Concession Rd 10B, Pine Grove Rd, and Concession Rd 7A, before making a left onto Rosetta Rd.

Quarry Rd

Follow Rosetta Rd., an extended section of gravel, all the way to the village of Lanark, which includes various amenities including a general store, a dollar store, a pizzeria and chip stand. Upon exiting Lanark, head south-east via Forbes Rd, following a series of hard-packed gravel roads before turning right onto Ashby Rd, a quiet and smooth stretch of pavement that includes a screaming descent before eventually reaching McDonalds Corners Rd.

After turning right here, the route follows a brief section of pavement. While less than a kilometer long, caution should be exercised as this stretch can see a bit of fast moving traffic, and there is no paved shoulder. However, the route soon turns left onto Hunter Side Rd, followed by Anderson Side Rd South, some amazing sections of unmaintained doubletrack.

Anderson Side Road South

Upon exiting the last section of unmaintained, the route proceeds south-east on Old Morris Rd., before hitting a 2.5km stretch of pavement via Harper Rd. Turning left onto Concession Rd. 6, continue north east until the loop crosses Lanark Rd., where riders have the option of turning right and heading to the town of Perth, which includes several resupply options, a variety of restaurants and pubs, as well as two breweries.

Riders choosing to continue straight across Lanark Rd. will be greeted with some additional gravel sections before hitting an extended portion of pavement via Prestonvale Rd. and Ferguson Falls Rd. Alas, this 15.5km stretch of pavement is the only means to get around Mississippi Lake, while at the same time avoiding the heavy traffic inherent on Highway 7.

Entrance to the unmaintained section of Old Perth Rd

Continuing on Old Boyds Rd, the loop traverses a brief section of unmaintained before linking back to Old Perth Rd., which riders follow all the way back to Carleton Place and the beginning of the route.

Old Perth Rd unmaintained

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