About Ride Gravel

Gravel road through fall foliage trees

RideGravel is all about discovering the fun, camaraderie and adventure that come with riding off-pavement. Because, let’s face it – cycling on pavement with heavy traffic sucks. It can be a stressful nightmare of honking horns, high-speed cars, and distracted drivers. And to be frank, the culture around road cycling can at times be intimidating, pretentious and unfriendly to the unshaven hoi polloi unfamiliar with “The Rules”. In comparison, gravel roads provide endless opportunities to traverse remote and scenic landscapes, devoid of cars and other distractions, thereby serving as a catalyst for a more relaxing and enjoyable experience.

With that in mind, the goal of this website is to inspire your next off-pavement ride, by providing a collaborative resource where people can share their favourite gravel and bikepacking routes in eastern and central Ontario, western Quebec (and Beyond!). As part of these efforts, RideGravel is proud to be supported by like-minded individuals, such as Éric and Simon, the founders of Panorama Cycles, a Canadian-based manufacturer of steel and carbon adventure bikes, including the Katahdin, RideGravel’s bike of choice for everything from mellow dirt roads to off-trail bikepacking.


So, forget aggressive pace lines, wattage metrics and Strava KOMs, and focus instead on having a good time! Whereas some may shun the use of saddle bags or other accruements, embrace the use of top tube bags, handlebar bags and framebags to stash essentials like sandwiches, gummy bears and a can of your favourite IPA. Rest stops (or even better, pub stops!) should be considered welcome opportunities to eat, drink, and socialize with your fellow riders, and not evidence that you need to harden up.

​In short, gravel riding is road cycling’s chilled-out cooler cousin. The cousin most likely to offer you a beer rather than an energy gel. It’ll remind you what’s it’s like to be a kid again, when what mattered most was exploring new places, making new friends, and having a good time. So go play in the dirt. Slow down, don’t speed up. Ride like you have nothing to prove, not to prove a point.

​Go find your nearest gravel road. And just go for a ride.