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About Ride Gravel

Gravel road through fall foliage trees

Here at RideGravel, we've always viewed gravel cycling as road cycling's chilled-out cooler cousin. The cousin most likely to offer you an IPA rather than an energy gel. The one that emphasizes exploring new places, making new friends, and having a good time, rather than aggressive pace lines, wattage metrics and Strava KOMs.

With that in mind, the goal of RideGravel is to provide a collaborative resource where riders can share their favourite gravel and bikepacking routes, with a focus on rides that embrace adventure, scenery, and rest stops (or better yet, pub stops!)

So go play in the dirt. Slow down, don’t speed up. Ride like you have nothing to prove, not to prove a point.

Go find your nearest gravel road. And just go for a ride.​

About Our Sponsors

RideGravel is proud to be supported by Panorama Cycles. A Canadian-based manufacturer of steel and carbon adventure bikes, they share our belief that good times and good friends, rather than the distance travelled, is what truly shapes our most memorable adventures.

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