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Tay Ridge Ramble (94km)

Location: Maberly, Lanark County, Ontario

Estimated Gravel Time: 90%

Route Map:

Download GPX File

Distance: 94.3km (58.6 miles)

Suggested Tire Width: 40mm

Amenities: Maberly, the route’s official starting point, hosts a single general store. Otherwise

there are no other amenities on route.

Parking: Off-street parking can be found at the tennis courts in Maberly Park. Those choosing

to start from the eastern edge of the loop can park at the Tay-Havelock trailhead. Both parking

spots are located off-route. Those looking for parking directly on-route are best served by the

Zealand cemetery on the western portion of the loop.

Route Description:

Featuring a fantastic mix of exposed farmland gravel, rolling treelined dirt, and saucy

unmaintained, the Tay Ridge Ramble combines some of the best elements of the Hopetown

Hoedown (Bronco Edition) and the Tay Valley Traverse into arguably my favourite loop of 2022.

11th Line South Sherbrooke

Starting from the village of Maberly, proceed north on Elphin-Maberly Rd. towards the start of

the loop at 11th Line South Sherbrooke. Make a left here to follow the route in a clockwise

direction, as it will ensure that the rowdiest section of unmaintained along Bathurst Line Rd. is

tackled downhill.

Zealand United Church Cemetery

Proceed west along 11th Line as the gravel transitions quickly from firm exposed dirt to easy to

navigate unmaintained, before eventually descending to Zealand Rd. Following a jaunt on this

quiet section of country pavement, return to dirt via Bell Line Rd. just after the Zealand

United Church Cemetery. This pristine stretch of gravel continues for just over 5km, past the K&P Trail, to Conroy Rd.

Over the Hills Rd.
Barn foundation prior to Ardoch Rd.

From here head north, staying mostly on dirt for the next 8km, ascending via a series of short but punchy climbs (along the aptly named Over the Hills Rd.) to Ardoch Rd. Make a right and remain on pavement before crossing Road 509 to Clarendon Rd., returning to gravel as the route descend along some gorgeous single-lane dirt for the next 7km.

A gorgeous section of single lane gravel via Kingston Line Rd.

Stay on Kingston Line Rd. to Elphin-Maberly Rd., where riders looking to shorten the loop will

have the option to head south back to the start in Maberly. Those continuing on the main route

will remain on dirt, eventually making a right towards Bathurst Line Rd. Having attempted the

loop clockwise, riders will now benefit by tackling this renowned segment of rowdy unmaintained

via an 11km descent.

Some of the legendary Bathurst Line Rd.

Upon reaching McDonald Corners Rd., make a right and continue on the paved shoulder to

Hunter Side Rd. Turn here and head south-east as the loop remains on a mix of mellow unmaintained and gravel for the next 6.5km to Harper Rd., the route’s last section of significant


Some of the mellow unmaintained along Hunter Side Rd.
Painted barn via Rutherford Side Rd.
Doran Side Rd.

Head right on 5th Line, leaving the pavement behind as the loop meanders along a series of

farmland and treelined gravel roads for 13km to Doran Rd. Yet another highlight in a loop full of

them, Doran Rd. is a fantastic 7km mix of gravel, single-lane dirt, and unmaintained. Upon

finishing the last segment of unmaintained, head north on Greer Rd. and remain predominantly

on gravel before returning to Elphin-Maberly Rd. and closing the loop.

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