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Terra Cotta Twist (134/79km)

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Route Author: David Thompson

Location: Terra Cotta (Caledon), Regional Municipality of Peel, Ontario

Estimated Gravel Time: 90%

Full Route Map:

Full Distance: 133.6km (83 miles)

Alternate Route (78.6km): This version shortens the original loop by approximately 55km by starting from the village of Hillburgh, rather than the hamlet of Terra Cotta. As a bonus, this variation of the route remains almost exclusively on dirt! Download GPX File

Suggested Tire Width: 35mm or wider

Amenities: A small general store can be found near the route’s start in the hamlet of Terra Cotta. After approximately 35km, the route passes the small village of Hillsburgh where riders can find a convenience store, café and grocery store. Meanwhile, the town of Grand Valley includes a number of amenities including several restaurants and convenience stores, a pub, and a full-service grocery store. Finally, the town of Erin, approximately 20km from the end of the loop, features several restaurants, cafés, and convenience stores.

Parking: Off-street dirt parking can be found at the start of the Caledon Trailway in Terra Cotta. Alternative parking spots can be found at the Grand Valley District Community Centre, as well as the Victoria Park in the village of Hillsburgh. Both the latter parking options provide riders with the potential of shaving the overall length of the route by approximately 18km.

Full Route Description:

This 134km route consists almost entirely of unpaved country roads, making for an amazing cycling adventure just a 45-minute drive outside of Toronto!

Starting from the Caledon Trailway parking lot in the hamlet of Terra Cotta, the route head out of town via King Street and Side Road 27, before making a right onto 10th Line Rd. and eventually transitioning from pavement to gravel. Remain on 10th Line Rd. for approximately 6.3km before making a left back onto pavement via Side Road 5, and the start of the loop itself.

Continuing south-west for 5.5km, the loop makes a right onto 6th Line Rd., reverting back to gravel. Remain on 6th Line Rd. for approximately 14km, passing the Elora Cataract Trailway, which provides riders with the option of heading slightly off-route to the village of Hillsburgh, just 2km to the north-east. Otherwise, continue on-route until Side Road 27, at which point the loop makes a left, followed by a quick right onto 5th Line Rd.

Continue north-west on 5th/12th Line Rds for just over 12km, eventually crossing the Grand River before making a right onto 15th Side Road, followed by a left onto 13th Line Rd. to the Amaranth East Luther Townline. Continue on Amaranth East Luther Townline for 15.5km, crossing the Upper Grand Trailway and passing the village of Grand River just to the west, before eventually reaching 25 Side Road and the top of the loop.

Here, make a right and follow the top edge of the loop for just over 7km, before reaching 6th Line Rd. and heading back south back towards Terra Cotta. After just over 12km, make a left onto 5th Side Road, followed by a quick right onto 4th Line and heading south to County Road 109. The route then joins 13th Line Rd., continuing south-east on a series of quiet gravel farm roads before eventually making a right onto Highpoint Side Road and a lovely stretch of treelined dirt.

Soon after, make a right onto 9th Line Rd., followed by a quick right/left onto 8th Line Rd.Stay on this section of dirt for almost 8km, passing the village of Erin just to the north-east (easy access via the Elora Cataract Trailway) and making a left onto Side Road 10, before eventually re-joining 10th Line Rd. back to the route’s start.

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Vicki Lee
Vicki Lee

This was a great route. FYI heading out at beginning, 10th line is out for construction until June/July 2021. I went up north via Winston Churchchill instead (it was a good, paved road to ride on), took a left onto 5th line, and continued from there.

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