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Hopetown Hoedown (Bronco Edition) (82km)

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Location: Hopetown, Lanark County, Ontario

Estimated Gravel Time: 85%

Full Route Map:

Route Distance: 81.9km (51 miles)

Alternate Route (56km): This truncated version of the original route is designed to take advantage of as much unmaintained as possible over a relatively short distance, including Concession Rd 2b; Bathurst Line (a solid 5-6km of double track/ATV trail); Umphersons Mill Rd. South; Lodore Rd. and Steward Gibson Rd.

Suggested Tire Width: 38-40mm or greater

Amenities: The starting point in the village of Hopetown has a general store and café. Otherwise, riders should not expect any amenities on-route.

Parking: Hopetown Cemetery, across the street from B & T's Hopetown General Store

Full Route Description

This loop starting in Hopetown is design to take advantage of some of the rowdiest unmaintained west of Ottawa. This includes approximately 30k of unmaintained roads including Concession Rd 2b; Bathurst Line (a solid 10-12k of double track/ATV trail); a portion of Gemill Rd; Adams Rd. South; Lavant Mill Rd; Ranger Camp Rd; and Steward Gibson Rd. There is also the option to camp on some Crown Land along Ranger Camp Road, opening the possibility of a weekend bikepacking trip.

Anyone attempting this route on a typical gravel bike ought to expect to be a bit underbiked on certain sections. Anticipate minor flooding, babyheads and some hike-a-bike. But for those seeking to embrace a bit of adventure, you'll be hard pressed to do better.

Flooding on Concession 2B

Starting from the Hopetown Cemetery (I have it on good authority that you can park overnight here), ride clockwise (south) on provincial highway 511 for just over a kilometer, before turning right onto Dobbie Rd and the routes first section of gravel. After crossing Watsons Corners Rd., continue south east on the first stretch of unmaintained, Concession Rd 2B for a couple of kilometers.

Turning right back onto maintained gravel, continue south-west on rolling hills before transitioning to Sheridan Rapids Rd, one of the nicest sections of pavement in the area, before turning left onto McDonalds Corners Rd. for a couple of kilometers (use caution - it can slightly busy here). Then, turn right onto Bathurst Line East, which transitions into a significant section of rowdy unmaintained.

10-12k of unmaintained along Bathurst Line Rd

After 10 kilometers or so, Bathurst Line veers right and north, ascending to Kingston Line Rd. After crossing Kingston Line, a fast descent lead to the village of Elphin (where riders may find a small burger and chip stand, depending on the time of year). Continuing on pavement north on Elphin-Maberly Rd, cross the bridge over Izatt Lake and keep an eye out for the next section of unmaintained (Adams Rd South) on the right.

Ascending steeply on Adams Rd South (high likelihood of some hike-a-bike), transition back to gravel on Gemmills Road, and a long extended climb to Lavant Mill Road, the next section of unmaintained (albeit smooth and flowy). Turning right onto Ranger Camp Rd, a slightly more rough section of forest access road, the route enters Crown Land with several campsites available near Woods Lake.

Several campsites to the east and west of the bridge on Ranger Camp Rd.

Continuing east for another 15 kilometers on a mix of gravel and easy to navigate single lane unmaintained, before turning right onto the last section of unmaintained, Stewart Gibson Rd,, before riding the final section of gravel all the way back to Hopetown.

Entrance to Stewart Gibson Rd.

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1 commentaire

03 juil. 2023

Great Route. Definitely rowdy unmaintained. The deer flies at this time of year almost made it intolerable but they forced you to keep moving. RidewithGPS is notoriously bad at elevation around this area. The route said 599 meters but I measured it at 1302 meters with my wahoo roam. Was glad to have fresh legs since that’s a 700m difference.

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