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Maxville Stravaig (84km)

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Location: Maxville, United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, Ontario

Estimated Gravel Time: 75%

Full Route Map:

Distance: 84.4km (52.8 miles)

Suggested Tire Width: 32mm will be more than sufficient. However, there is always the chance of encountering a freshly graded gravel road (or two), in which case something a bit wider would be beneficial.

Amenities: The village of Maxville has a convenience store, bakery and pub. A convenience store can also be found in Newington, at the south-western tip of the route. Otherwise, the hamlets of Monkville and Avonmore, both slightly off-route, provide access to food and convenience store options.

Parking: Parking can be found throughout Maxville, including the Maxville District Community Centre and Fairgrounds.

Route Description:

The village of Maxville, home to the largest Highland Games outside of Scotland, provides easy access to the exposed farmland gravel and quiet country pavement that predominate the region east of Ottawa.

Allnut Rd.

Starting from the village of Maxville, head south on Main Street to Kenyon Concession Road 17. Here, make a right and continue west as the pavement changes to gravel shortly after transitioning to Allnut Rd.

St. James Church, Gravel Hill

The route then meanders south-west to Gravel Hill Rd., a 4.5km flat stretch of firm dirt, eventually taking riders to Tolmies Corners Rd. After a brief section of pavement, the loop continues on gravel via Red Town Rd., remaining on a series of exposed dirt farm roads for approximately 13.5km to County Road 43. This section also provides the best access to two potential resupply options (Monkville and Avondale), located just south of the main route.

Red Town Rd

Upon reaching County Road 43, the loop proceeds south-east on a mix of dirt and asphalt to the hamlet of Newington and the last available resupply option. Exit Newington via Helmer Rd. as the route continues on gravel for 7.2km to Northfield Rd.

Helmer Rd.

Remain on this stretch of quiet twisty country pavement for a couple of kilometres to Willy Allan Rd. Here, the loop once again returns to gravel for a short stretch, before transitioning back to pavement and continuing east to Highway 138.

Willy Allan Rd.

Upon reaching the country highway, head north for a few hundred metres before ditching the 138 in favour of an odd stretch of paved unmaintained (Earl Rd.) to McMillans Corners Rd. Proceed right and follow this stretch of quiet pavement for just under 4km to Chapel Hill Rd.

Exposed farmland looking north from McMillans Corners Rd

Here, the loop returns to gravel as it makes its way north-east to Country Road 20. At this point, riders have the option of heading north and staying on the paved shoulder for 8km all the way back to Maxville. Those choosing to stay on route will make a right onto Diversion Rd and continue on gravel for 10km to Kenyon Concession Road 5. Follow this stretch of country pavement west for approximately 3km back to Maxville’s Main Street and the start of the loop.

Kenyon Concession Road 4

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Martin Quesnel
Martin Quesnel
Mar 02

We rode this course in July 2023 and conditions were great,  Lovely scenery and relatively flat. If you're not planning on venturing off-course to replenish water and "fuel",  be sure to bring plenty, as the Newington General Store no longer exists  Don't miss out on the Ice cream stop at +/-68k. You'll be happily surprised as you think you're in the middle of nowhere, and all of sudden, this beautiful old sugar shack building appears, hosting a good variety of the ice cream.  I'd recommend planning this ride to coincide with the Glengarry Highland Games in Maxville for a perfect day.


Dec 01, 2021

I hated every second of this route…. Admittedly, it was on a cold and savagely windy November day! Winds are an issue on this route, as they are on all exposed farmland in eastern Ontario. I battled a side and block headwind for the back half of this loop. I found most of it fairly boring and uninspiring, except a lovely slight uphill on Earl road that’s rugged and double track; but you don’t get to enjoy it for long. Cues are very minimal on Ride with GPS, so I had to map read a lot or risk taking wrong turns (instead of my computer proactively directing me). Only upside was the Maxville bakery. Ate a warm sausage roll whi…


Sep 26, 2021

I stretched this route a bit to Williamstown so didn't ride the exact route but I found this to be one of the best rides of the year. Fantastic gravel, fresh and loose in a few places, bit of great pavement and fantastic scenery. Its a nice change because the hurt comes from either going longer or faster not from the technical nature of the ride. Quality of all roads is excellent so you can look around and not worry about potholes too much. Check out Muirs bakery in Maxville after the ride.


Jun 13, 2021

Fresh gravel is right ! Rode June 2021 and there are several sections of fresh soft gravel. I’d recommend more than 32cm tires. Quiet roads though!

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