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Larose-Clarence Roubaix (75/44km)

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Route Author: Chris Henry

Location: Larose Forest, UC of Prescott and Russell, Ontario

Estimated Gravel Time: 80%

Full Route Map:

Full Distance: 74.7km (46.4 miles)

Alternate Route (44.2km): By taking advantage of the Prescott-Russell Trail, this shortened version of the main route allows beginner riders to experience the sublime unmaintained roads and trails that wind through Larose Forest. Download GPX File

Suggested Tire Width: 35-38mm

Amenities: General stores can be found slightly off route in the villages of Cheney, Clarence Creek, and Bourget. In addition, the Broken Stick Brewery is located just east of the main route, at the Hammond Golf Course Clubhouse.

Parking: The P1 and P7 parking lots in Larose Forest have outhouse facilities, as well as a visitors centre where light snacks and beverages can be purchased. Parking is also available at the northern end of the loop at the Clarence Creek Arena.

Full Route Description:

This route, developed by Chris Henry, combines part of the Ride with Rendall Clarence-Rockland Classic, while also sampling several Larose Forest fire roads, resulting in a lovely mix of quiet tarmac, country gravel, and several sections of easy to manage unmaintained just east of Ottawa.

Larose Forest #25 (aka Indian Creek Rd.)

Starting from the P1/P7 parking lots located in Larose Forest, head north on Indian Creek Rd., a relatively easy to navigate stretch of unmaintained. This section of single lane dirt transitions to hardpack gravel shortly after crossing a small bridge over Indian Creek, as the route continues north to Russell Road.

Unmaintained section of Canaan Rd.

Make a left here and, following a brief section of pavement, the loop continues north, remaining mostly on a series of treelined dirt roads for 10km to Vinette Rd. This section of the route includes a section of unmaintained (Canaan Rd.) while also providing riders with the opportunity to stop for a pint at the Broken Stick Brewery, slightly off route on Du Golf Rd.

Rollin Rd.
Lalonde Rd.

Following just under 6km of quiet pavement, the route returns to gravel via Bouvier Rd. as riders proceed north and south on a mix of tarmac and firm country dirt for 18km to Duquette Rd. From here, continue south on a mix of exposed farmland tarmac and gravel for just over 17km to Bear Creek. Here, the loop winds its way along the northern shores of the creek before heading south on Boileau Rd., eventually crossing the creek via the small wooden bridge.

Boileau Rd., prior to entering Larose Forest
Larose Forest

This last 15km is the route’s unquestioned highlight, as riders meander their way west on a series of single lane gravel roads through Larose Forest, before eventually returning to Indian Creek Rd. and the start of the loop.

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3 comentarios

01 dic 2021

This is a great route! Nice length. Scenery is pretty: up and down the small incline east of Clarence Creek. Careful, though! Indian Creek Road is very “unmaintained”. I rode this routine shortly after a rainstorm and got stuck in a huge puddle and had to dismount into ankle-deep mud. Last 20k through Larose solo was stunning. Definitely recommed.

Me gusta

03 sept 2021

Heads up that as of September 3, 2021 there is construction ongoing just north of P1 at Larose which could potentially impact both your departure and your return as it seems they are doing something major on Indian Creek Road. I was able to slip past this morning, though on my return I had to pretend I didn't see the road closed sign on the last section of single lane gravel before getting back to Indian Creek Road.

Me gusta
C Henry
C Henry
11 sept 2021
Contestando a

I'd recommend starting from P3 Larose Annex, just south of Bourget, and heading up Drouin instead of Indian Creek.

Me gusta
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