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In-A-Gravel-Da-Vida (91/76km)

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Location: Renfrew, Renfrew County, Ontario

Estimated Gravel Time: 70%

Full Route Map:

Distance: 90.8km (56.4 miles)

Alternate Route (76.4km): While this alternative is only slightly shorter than the original route, riders with a predilection for car-free rail trails might prefer this version, which takes full advantage of the famous K&P Trail, as as the recently developed Algonquin Trail. Given this loop's reliance on rail trails (especially the rougher K&P Trail), a minimum tire width of 40mm is recommended. Download GPX File

Suggested Tire Width: 35mm minimum. Greater suggested when tackling Toms Road early in the season

Amenities: The starting point in the town of Renfrew includes a number of restaurants, pubs, grocery and convenience stores. There are no other amenities on route.

Parking: The official starting point is the Renfrew Park-and-Ride on O’Brien Rd. This parking lot also provides easy access to the Ottawa Valley Rail Trail system, as well as several grocery and convenience stores. Otherwise, there is abundant on-street parking throughout the town centre.

Full Route Description:

While the route’s namesake is a righteous stretch of gravel, paradise can truly be found along Toms and Mhusk Roads, a 13km stretch of hilly single-lane dirt that receives ongoing winter maintenance, perfect for early-season dirt (and mud) riding.

Swamp Road

Starting from the Renfrew Park-and-Ride, follow the multi-use pathway on O’Brien Rd. south-west before turning left onto Gillan Rd., followed by a right onto Barnet Blvd. Continue briefly on a series of multi-use pathways before making a left onto Burnstown Rd., then a quick right onto a series of side streets before exiting Renfrew via Pucker St., which eventually transitions to Swamp Rd and the route’s first extended stretch of gravel. Here, riders will begin to notice a number of 19th century log cabins which dot the southern end of the route.

One of many log cabins that line the route

Eventually riders return to Pucker St. and a short stretch of pavement. After approximately 2.5km, turn left onto Inglis Rd., followed by a right onto Grant and Ashdad Roads, continuing on gravel until Whelan Rd.

Toms Road

At Whelan Rd.. make a right, staying on pavement for another 2km, before turning left onto English Rd. and continuing on dirt for 10km before reaching Highway 132. Here, the route turns left, before making a quick right 500m later and beginning an extended climb up Toms Rd. Both Toms Rd and Mhusk Rd are the route’s highlights, consisting of 13km of single lane tree-lined gravel, with several punchy ascents mixed in. Anyone looking to shorten the route by 10km or so, while increasing the rowdiness quotient, can avoid Mhusk Rd altogether and instead turn right onto Sammon Rd, a 5km stretch of unmaintained.

Mhusk Road

For those riders staying on route, continue along Mhusk Rd. to Stone Rd., returning to pavement for just over 2km, before turning right onto McNultry Rd. and another delightful stretch of gravel, before turning left onto Lynch Rd. and eventually transitioning back to pavement for 3.5km.

The conditions on McNultry Rd. are dino-mite!

Upon reaching the Grace United Church, turn left and return to gravel on Foy Rd., then back to pavement again as riders cross the Bonnechere River. A very brief jaunt on Highway 60 bring riders back to a mix of gravel and pavement via Northcote Rink Rd, before riders reach the route’s namesake, Garden of Eden Rd. which parallels Highway 17 for an extended period.

Grace United Church off of Foy Road

As the route continues south-east towards Renfrew, riders have the choice of returning to the start via the Rail Trail or heading to downtown Renfrew, the latter allowing for the option of stopping at one of several local restaurants or pubs for a post-ride bite.

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