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Grand River Roubaix (104km)

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Route Author: David Thompson

Location: Hillsburgh, Wellington County

Estimated Gravel Time: 80%

Full Route Map:

Distance: 104km (64.6 miles)

Suggested Tire Width: 35mm

Amenities: The loop’s official starting point in the town of Hillsburgh includes several food options, a grocery and convenience store. A small diner and convenience store can also be found in the village of Belwood, approximately 16km from the start. Finally, the town of Grand Valley, slightly off-route, includes several restaurant options, as well as a grocery and convenience store.

Parking: Parking options include Victoria Park in Hillsburgh, as well as the boat launch in Belwood.

Route Description:

The following loop was submitted by David Thompson and samples the exposed dirt farm roads located in the Grand River Watershed north-west of Brampton.

Starting from the town of Hillsburgh, head south to the Elora-Cataract Trailway, then proceed along the rail trail for approximately 17km to the village of Belwood. After crossing the Grand River, make a right and continue on pavement along the shores of the river, before eventually making a left onto E West Garafraxa Townline. Follow this country dirt road for just over 8km to Wellington Road 109.

Grand River

After a kilometre or so, the route returns to gravel via E West Luther Townline and heads north for approximately 5km, entering the marshlands south of Luther Lake. The loop then skirts the southern and western shores of the lake to Wellington Road 16. Here, continue north on asphalt for 5.5km to 12 Line Rd. However, an alternative option exists to follow the northern shores of Luther Lake along some gravel double track to Concession Road 8 and 9, which eventually connects back to the main route at the Amaranth East Luther Townline.

Upon reaching the top of the loop, the route then heads east for 14km before proceeding back south towards the start along Amaranth East Luther Townline. Continuing on a series of gravel farm roads, riders have the option of deviating slightly off-route and resupplying in the town of Grand Valley. Otherwise remain on route to County Road 109.

After brief section of pavement, head south-east on 15th Line Rd., before making a right onto 10 Sideroad. Eventually, the route continues south-east via 12th Line Rd. for 10km to the Elora-Cataract Trailway and back to the start in Hillsburgh.

Be sure to yield right of way

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