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Gracefield, too (104km)

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Route Author: Jeff Noakes

Location: Gracefield, Vallee-de-la-Gatineau, Quebec

Estimated Gravel Time: 70%

Full Route Map:

Distance: 103.6km (64.4 miles)

Suggested Tire Width: 38mm or wider, due to various loose sandy sections that litter the north-western section of the loop

Amenities: The start of the route in Gracefield has several amenities including a couple of convenience stores and a pub. Heading west, there is a depanneur and chip stand in the village of Lac Cayamant. Two more depanneurs can be found just past the halfway point in the hamlet of Val-Guertin. Finally, approximately 20km from the end of the loop, there are a couple of restaurants in the village of Bouchette.

Parking: Public parking can be found in the centre of Gracefield, alongside the Veloroute des

Draveurs. There are also restroom facilities here.

Route Description:

This 103.6km route was developed by Jeff Noakes and extends the Dirty Blue Sea loop an additional 20km further west, taking advantage of various logging roads north of Cayamant, while kissing the southern edge of the ZEC Pontiac.

Starting from parking lot in Gracefield, ride clockwise, briefly following the paved Veloroute des Draveurs south to Chemin du Lac Cayamant (caution ought to be exercised as the initial half of this road is without a paved shoulder). From here, the route follows Chemin du Lac Cayamant west for approximately 20km to the village of Cayamant, where riders will find a depanneur and chip stand.

Chemin du Lac Cayamant

Continuing west from Cayamant along Chemin du Petit Cayamant, the route eventually heads north via Chemin du Depot de l’Aigle and Chemin du Black Rollway. For the next 20km along these logging roads, riders will encounter a mix of gravel and loose sand, before the route makes a sharp right at the intersection with Chemin Traverse du Dépôt, continuing east on Chemin du Black Rollway where riders may find that road conditions deteriorate even further.

Chemin du Black Rollway

Eventually, Chemin de Black Rollway transitions to Chemin du Lac à Larche and giving way to more hard-packed gravel, before turning left onto a series of paved roads, including Chemin St. Jacques and Chemin de la Montagne, passing two depanneurs before crossing Route 105 in the hamlet of Val-Guertin and eventually returning to gravel via Chemin de la Ferme-des-Six.

Chemin du Lac à Larche

Chemin de la Ferme-des-Six continues south, paralleling the Gatineau River and eventually reaching the village of Bouchette. Here, riders cross the Gatineau River via Chemin du Pont, then turn right, following the Chemin de la Riviere Gatineau Sud along the river all the way back to the start in Gracefield.

Chemin de la Riviere Gatineau Sud

Photo Credits: Jeff Noakes

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