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Filthy Frontenac (95/68km)

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Location: Meisel Woods Conservation Area, Crow Lake, Frontenac County, Ontario

Estimated Gravel Time: 85%

Full Route Map:

Full Distance: 94.9 km (59 miles)

Alternate Route (67.5km): This abbreviated version still allows riders to enjoy the highlights of the original loop, including the southern shores of Bobs Lake via Green Bay and White Lake Roads., Rayme Road's blissful single lane dirt, and a swim at beautiful Long Lake. Download GPX File

Suggested Tire Width: 38mm or wider

Amenities: There is a general store in the hamlet of Godfrey, approximately 30km from the start of the route. The village of Sharbot Lake, approximately 20km from the end of the route, is home to a couple of restaurants and a supermarket, as well as a public beach. In addition, there is a lovely public beach on the eastern shores of Long Lake past the halfway point of the route, and a small beach on the northern tip of Crow Lake.

Parking: The route includes several potential starting points, including: the Meisel Woods Conservation Area near Crow Lake; the Frontenac Community Arena in Piccadilly; the Parham Fairgrounds in Parham; and the village of Sharbot Lake.

Full Route Description:

Consisting primarily of single-lane dirt, the Filthy Frontenac provides gravel riders with the opportunity to explore the exposed rock, lakes and marshlands that make up this classic section of the Canadian Shield.

Anderson Road North

Starting from the Meisel Woods Conservation Area on the shores of Crow Lake, head south on Anderson Road North for approximately 7km, following this stretch of single-lane gravel to Bradshaw Rd. Here, the route proceeds on quiet twisty country pavement for just over 5km before making a left onto Green Bay Rd. One of the route's highlights, both Green Lake and White Lake Roads meander past the shores of several large and small lakes before briefly returning to pavement prior to Buck Bay Rd.

Green Lake Rd.
This section of the route winds its way past several large lakes. Definitely a highlight!

White Lake Rd. eventually transitions from pavement back to gravel just over a kilometer later, before making a left onto Forty Foot Rd., marking the route’s return to single-lane dirt. Shortly thereafter, the route follows the K&P Trail for just under 3km, paralleling County Road 38 as it passes through the hamlet of Godfrey and the local general store. The route then makes a hard right onto Oak Flats Rd., continuing north on gravel before making a left and heading west to Echo Lake Rd.

Echo Lake Rd.

After approximately 6km, riders make a right onto Rayme Rd., following this extended stretch of beautiful single-lane gravel for just over 8km, before eventually returning to pavement in the hamlet of Parham. In total, this section of pavement lasts for approximately 7km, and while Long Lake Rd. has a speed limit of 80kph, traffic is generally very light.

Rayme Rd.
Long Lake Beach

Following a rest stop at the Long Lake public beach, riders return to gravel via Frontenac Rd. as the route remains on dirt for most of the remainder of the loop. After ascending for approximately 4km, the route makes a right onto Tryon Rd., following this stretch of single-lane gravel to the K&P trail. Here, riders make a left and follow trail to the village of Sharbot Lake.

Tryon Rd.

The route exits Sharbot Lake via the Tay Havelock Trail, before eventually turning right onto Fall River Rd., following a series of gravel roads to Cross Rd. Here, riders make a right, returning to single-lane gravel for just under 7km before descending to Crow Lake. After a brief stretch of pavement, the route returns to gravel via Anderson Road North and the end of the route.

Cross Rd.

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