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Bigwind and Beyond (75km)

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Route Author: Thom Lambert

Location: Bigwind Lake Provincial Park, Muskoka, Ontario

Estimated Gravel Time: 75%

Full Route Map:

Distance: 75.3km (46.8 miles)

Suggested Tire Width: 40-45mm or more

Amenities: While there are no amenities on the route itself, the nearby town of Baysville provides

access to a couple of general stores, restaurants and a brewery

Parking: Dirt parking is available off of Black River Rd., near the south-east corner of Bigwind Lake

Provincial Park. Please do not block access to the cottage just off the road. Parking is also available

slightly off-route in the town of Baysville.

Route Description:

This figure eight loop explores the rugged Muskoka cottage country south of Huntsville, highlighted by a traverse of Bigwind Lake Provincial Park via the aptly named Old Wagon Rd.

Beginning from the dirt parking lot off of Black River Rd, head counter-clockwise and follow the Black River as it winds its way north to Hindon Forest Access Rd. From here, continue north for

approximately 6km, before eventually reaching a T-junction on the south-eastern shores of Grouse


At the fork, head east along the rugged Haliburton ATV Trail 101 for approximately 8km, passing by

several gorgeous lakes and potential campsites. Eventually, the route returns to maintained gravel

upon reaching South Ril Lake Rd., which hugs the eastern and northern shores of its namesake lake

as it winds its way to the junction with Echo Lake Rd.

At the fork, riders have the option of making a left on Echo Lake Rd., forgoing the second loop and

shortening the overall length of the route by approximately 31km. Those wishing to complete the full

route should continue north on Brown Brae Rd. to Paint Lake Rd. Be sure to exercise caution shortly

after passing Pine Lane North, as the route descends steeply for just over a kilometre to the shores of Paint Lake. From here, follow the southern shore of the lake to Muskoka Road 117.

Upon reaching the country highway head west, continuing on the narrow paved shoulder as the route follows the southern shore of Lake of Bays for just under 10km, occasionally leaving the asphalt behind as the loop manages to find some brief sections of dirt, before reaching Old Highway 117. Here, the loop makes a right and follows this quiet stretch of pavement for just over 5km, eventually returning to dirt via Brown Brae Rd., as the route doubles back on itself before once again reaching the junction with Echo Lake Rd.

From here, continue west on pavement for approximately 4km before eventually reaching the route’s pièce de résistance, Old Wagon Rd. As the name implies, this 20km section consists almost solely of rowdy and rugged single-lane unmaintained, with several lake-side campsites both inside and outside Bigwind Lake Provincial Park, affording riders the opportunity for a well-earned rest. Or better yet, a chance to set up a basecamp to explore the area’s many forest access roads and side trails over the course of several days.

For those continuing to the end of the loop, Old Wagon Rd. eventually enters Bigwind Lake Provincial Park at the 67km mark, as the route follows this forest access road through the park for 7km back to the start.

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1 Comment

Derek Parsons
Derek Parsons
Oct 01, 2023

Sept 30 2023 -- What a great route. It was such a nice day, and there were lots of side trails to explore, so I cut off the north half route to do some exploring. I'm glad I did. Black River Road & Hindon Forest access is nicely packed gravel. Old Wagon Road, while technically not technical, should be treated it as if it were, as there are lots of rocks (almost like scree in some section), boulders, roots, and leaves hiding the aforementioned; I had a ton of fun on it, and just recommend to all to exercise some caution (I had 40mm on, and would not go lower than that, 42-45 might be the sweet spot for O…

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