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Almonte Petit Roubaix (44km)

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Location: Almonte, Lanark County, Ontario

Estimated Gravel Time: 85%

Full Route Map:

Distance: 43.6km (27.2 miles)

Suggested Tire Width: 30mm or wider

Amenities: The starting point in the town of Almonte has several convenience stores, restaurants, and a brewery, as well as a public beach. The hamlet of Clayton, just past the halfway point, has a quaint general store.

Parking: Several parking options are available in Almonte including the dirt lot across the street from the Metcalfe Geoheritage Park, Gemmill Park and the Almonte Community Hall. Alternatively, if riders are looking to enjoy Almonte’s amenities on-route, the hamlet of Clayton has several parking options including Clayton Taylor Park and the Clayton Community Hall.

Route Description:

This loop provides those new to the gravel scene with the chance to experience a shorter variation of the Ottawa Bicycle Club’s Almonte-Paris Roubaix, an early Spring gravel racing classic. As the route consists of non-technical gravel and is relatively easy to navigate, a road bike with 30mm tires ought to be sufficient, negating the need for a gravel-specific bike.

Old Perth Rd.

Beginning from the parking lot across the street from the Metcalfe Geoheritage Park, proceed clockwise, exiting the town of Almonte via Old Perth Rd. After approximately 2.5km, this road transitions from pavement to gravel after crossing Ramsay Concession 8, as riders continue on this classic stretch of dirt for 11km, to Tatlock Rd.

Here, riders have the option of remaining on Old Perth Rd., or making a left on Tatlock Rd. and following the paved shoulder to Forest Rd., a kilometre-long stretch of unmaintained doubletrack. Anyone rolling on anything less than 35mm wide tire are encouraged to forgo the unmaintained section in favour of continuing on Old Perth Rd.

Ramsay Concession 1

Eventually, both options lead riders to Ramsay Concession 1, where the route makes a right and continues on this rollercoaster stretch of gravel for just over 6km to Wolf Grove Rd. A quick right-left brings riders back to gravel via Bowland Rd., before reaching Tatlock Rd. and the loop’s longest stretch pavement.

Clayton General Store
Bellamy Mills Rd.

After 3.5km, the route reaches the hamlet of Clayton, with its charming general store making for an ideal rest stop. Exiting Clayton via Bellamy Mills Rd., continue on this section of gravel for just over 7km to Ramsay Concession 7b. Here, riders will make a right, following a series of exposed dirt farm roads for approximately 10km all the way back to the starting point in Almonte.

Ramsay Concession 7B to Almonte

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2 bình luận

Jordan Wolfe
Jordan Wolfe
04 thg 10, 2021

I agree with Kelly G. This turned out to be a nifty 2-hour training ride that is mostly gravel with some rolling hills, was fairly scenic, and has the general store at the half way mark to buy ice cream sandwhiches. The route caps off in Almonte where there are plenty of spots to grab a bite to ear. Parking was plentiful as well.


Kelly G
Kelly G
09 thg 11, 2020

Rode this today. Great when you just have a few hours to get out.

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