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Lowest of the Low (54km)

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Location: Low, Vallee-de-la-Gatineau, Quebec

Estimated Gravel Time: 90%

Full Route Map:

Distance: 54.1km (33.6 miles)

Suggested Tire Width: 32-35mm or greater

Amenities: The starting point in the village of Low has a gas station convenience store and a small restaurant. The village of Danford Lake, approximately halfway along the route, has a small depanneur with all the essentials.

Parking: Off-street parking can be found next to the cemetery, across the street from the church.

Route Description

This route is a quintessential southwestern Quebec loop consisting of 85% gravel roads, short/medium climbs, and even some sections of unmaintained. Overall, all the hallmarks of a classic gravel ride.

Freshly maintained gravel outside Fieldville

The route starts at the Holy Cross Church in the hamlet of Fieldville. Riding clockwise, the route follows Chemin Fieldville, a gorgeous section of gravel, for a large portion of the southern edge of the loop. Eventually, the loop transitions to Chemin Cawood Est, before turning right to become Chemin Cawood, which riders follow all the way to the village of Danford Lake.

Chemin Fieldville
Chemin Cawood
Steep descent before Danford Lake

Danford Lake is the halfway point and, as it includes a depanneur, makes for a convenient rest stop. After a short stretch of tarmac along the 301 (narrow paved shoulder), the route shifts back to gravel via Chemin Jingletown. This leads to one of the nicest sections of unmaintained in the area (Chemin Wiggins). This section is not technical whatsoever and can be ridden on 32mm tires with a bit of finesse..

Chemin Wiggins

Shortly after Wiggins, riders follow a mix of gravel and pavement along Chemin Burrough. Shortly thereafter, riders turn off Chemin Burrough onto Chemin du Lac Pike, following a lovely stretch of dirt to the site of the former covered bridge north of Fieldville. Sadly, this iconic landmark was destroyed by arsonists in January 2019. While the current bridge lacks the original's historic charm, rest assured that the soul-destroying climb following the bridge remains. From here, only 2km remains before the end of the loop.

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David Orfald
David Orfald
Oct 19, 2023

Did this on a cool October weekday. What an amazing route. Some logging trucks on Cawood and the 301, but otherwise very little traffic.


Oct 20, 2021

The bridge on Pike Lake Rd has been replaced (with a utilitarian/brutalist concrete structure) so the road is now passable, and _way_ more fun than the rail trail.


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