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Upper Delholm TransOutaouais (77km)

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Route Author: Rodd Heino

Location: Low, La Vallee-de-la-Gatineau, Quebec

Estimated Gravel Time: 65%

Full Route Map:

Distance: 76.6km (47.6 mile)

Suggested Tire Width: 35mm or wider

Amenities: The starting point in the village of Low has a depanneur and family restaurant. Heading east, there is a depanneur off-route in the hamlet of Poltimore. At the northern end of the loop, the town of Lac-Sainte-Marie has a pub and depanneur.

Parking: At the southern end of the loop, parking can be found at the Central Gatineau Arena in Low. At the northern end of the loop, parking can also be found at the boat launch and community centre in Lac-Sainte-Marie.

Route Description:

Another loop out of Low, Quebec, with the highlight being the TransOutaouais, a remote 7km long "road" that can be extremely rough in sections, with a steep downhill to finish.

Paugan Dam

Starting in the village of Low, Quebec, and riding counterclockwise, the route soon climbs steeply up to the top of Paugan Dam, followed by a steep descent on Chemin Paugan. Riders continue on Chemin Paugan for the entire southern portion of the loop.

Eventually, the route turns left and heads north via Chemin des Voyageurs. Riders in need of additional supplies can instead go slightly off-route by continuing on Chemin Paugant all the way to the hamlet of Poltimore, the location of a small depanneur.

Continuing on route north on Chemin de Voyageurs, riders eventually turning left on Chemin du Poisson Blanc, following this road for a significant period, before making a left on Chemin du Lac-Sainte-Marie, before eventually transitioning to the route's namesake, the Chemin de la Transoutaouais. Caution should be exercised here, as this road includes several rough sections, as well as a very steep descent.

Exiting Chemin de la Transoutaouais via Chemin du Lac du Brochet, the route heads north before rejoining Chemin du Poisson Blanc, which eventually transitions to Chemin de Lac-Sainte-Marie, which riders follow all the way to the town of Lac-Sainte-Marie, where riders will find several depanneurs, as well as a pub (Pub McVey), located just before the bridge across Lac Sainte-Marie / Lac a la Vase.

Chemin Martindale

Exiting Lac-Sainte=Marie, the route continues on Chemin du Lac Ste-Marie, eventually crossing the Gatineau River (caution ought to be exercised here, as traffic can move at a high rate of speed and there is no paved shoulder). The route then turns left on to Chemin Martindale, proceeding south on a mix of gravel, pavement and "Quebec Pave" all the way back to the route's starting point in Low.

Chemin Martindale

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